Below are the companies I have had the honor to work for:

Area of Expertise

Over 8 years of experience scaling operations of high-growth B2C and B2B companies reaching millions of consumers worldwide. I'm passionate about disruptive technology design to make the world a better place along with building early stage businesses.

Account & Relationship MGMT
Angel Investing

Experienced In


  • Enterprise & SMB Sales Experience
  • Inbound Lead Generation
  • Pipeline Development
  • New Business Acquisition
  • Proposals & Forecasting
  • Quota-achieving


  • Go-to market strategy and execution
  • Social Media
  • Storying telling
  • Outbound Marketing Initiatives
  • Outreach Email Campaigns
  • Strategic Customer Acquisition

"I had the pleasure of working with Zack for the last two years. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with him and came to know him as a truly valuable asset to any team. I know that he will be a beneficial addition to any organization as he is honest, dependable, and a hard worker. I confidently recommend Zack to any organization."


Enterprise Account Executive, Particle

"Zack managed a complex evaluation we had need of to develop our decision matrix for a cross corporate technology integration. He was thorough, patient, helpful, and left no stone unturned to ensure we had every answer we were looking for. We were likely in the very challenging client category, but Zack navigated the hurdles we threw at him...


Sr. Project Planner, Graham

"I had the pleasure of working directly with Zack for almost 5 years on many sales, business development, and marketing projects. He has boundless energy and his enthusiasm is infectious. Zack is a triathlon athlete, and he brings that same high-performance attitude to work. He works hard, always growing and learning and helping others. His warm...


Product Marketing Manager, Augury

"I had the pleasure of working with Zack during my tenure at Skycatch. Zack is devoted, hardworking, and an absolute pleasure to work with! Zack is a self-motivated individual who is eager to take on new challenges and expand his knowledge of the UAV construction industry. Currently, Zack is a key contributor to Skycatch’s success, and has dedicated...


Director of Program Management, Rapid Robotics, Inc.

"Zack is an incredibly capable and hard working individual who I have had to opportunity to work with in several capacities. On the Business Development side Zack is extremely talented at seeking out and developing new relationships with a wide range of potential customers. His calm consistent demeanor and positive approach helps him to quickly...


Product Owner, SunPower Corporation

"Zack is an energetic and strong asset to any team. He is always looking to learn new ways to do things and for general excellence in anything he does. Zack would be a great hire!"


Managing Director, SamStella, LLC

"Zack is very bright and hardworking. He has a highly creative mind, is able to quickly grasp and synthesize complex concepts, and presents and defends his point of view in concise and compelling ways. I highly recommend Zack."


General Partner at Avalon Ventures

"Empathetic communication, tireless endurance, and humble dedication are the characteristics I discovered in Zack while working together over a 5 year period at a quickly growing, dynamic drone data startup. Zack joined as a newcomer to the drone world and fearlessly rolled up his sleeves to learn, and get to work. He filled various roles on our...


Founding Engineer, Experienced UAS Applications Specialist, Skycatch

Zack is the kind of person that gives his all not only to the role he's in, but commits entirely to the mission, strategy, and success of the company as a whole. I saw first hand that he first and foremost delivers revenue and is willing to do whatever it takes to get the sale. From cold calling, defining and shifting strategy, or pursuing new...


Marketing Director, Skycatch

I’ve been good friends with Zack for over the past 6+ years. He’s always impressed me as someone that’s very motivated personally and professionally. Zack is a friend that I can always count on, and I know he’ll always bring 100% passion to whatever he takes on.


Product-Driven Entrepreneur, Designer and Author

LN Foundation

The LN Foundation (LNF) is a 501c3 non-profit that believes the best way to tackle global issues is by collaborating with other charitable organizations with similar goals. We began in 2018 and have been rapidly building partnerships between businesses, NGOs, and individuals to tackle world-wide issues. We believe that all humans, regardless of background, should have access to basic human needs and necessities: food, shelter, and education. The LN Foundation recently focused it's efforts on the issue of homelessness by providing customized survival backpacks to local shelters and community centers. By working together at a grassroots level, we can achieve results in an impactful way.

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Race History

Over $16,500 fundraised in total so far.

I’ve been competing in Half Marathons, Olympic-Distance Triathlons, 70.3 Half Ironman Competitions and Marathons for the last 7 years. I’m always looking to take my athletic pursuit to the next level and meet like-minded individuals.

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